Tozzi Frutta was founded in 2010 on a multi-generation experience of fruit production. This company’s a S.r.l. which centralizes and trades with this brand the productions of Tozzi’s Farm and of the Partner’s Farms which share the project and trust the cooperation.
His founder Tozzi Sergio, in 1965 with his brother and dad, left the historical lead sharecropping when he was 17, to start the agricultural entrepreneurship adventure purchasing a cottage and a little piece of land of few hectares, in a rural village in Forlì. Awarded the title of Knight of the Work in 2004, Sergio leads the family’s company with his two sons, Stefano, Cristian and a daughter Laura, dealing with the executive management of the company, the crop orientation choice and the variety selection.
The first-born Stefano, born in 1970, ‘’Agricultural Surveyor’’ of the ITAS college of Cesena, helps his father with the works in the field. Technician and well prepared thanks to the experience of thirty years in the field, is responsible of quality and alimentary safety of the production until the fruit harvesting.
Laura, graduated High Language School and daughter of professional experiences in some European capitals, is administration officer and responsible of the sanitary and alimentary certifications.
Cristian, born in 1978, graduated ‘’Agricultural Technologies’’ in Alma Mater Studiorum Univeristy of Bologna, after an experience of fifteen years in fruit production in the field, is responsible of quality and alimentary safety post products harvest. Moreover, Cristian performs for Tozzi Frutta the activity of commercial responsible.
The family conduction of the company, merged with the reliability, the competences and the experience matured by all the contributors of the company, makes the Tozzi Frutta a serious partner, reliable and transparent, for all those national and international companies interested to cooperate with the leader companies in the trade, and which really keep in heart the fruit excellences of Romagna and Italy.