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Tozzi Frutta was founded in 2010 on a multi-generational experience of fruit production....


The cultivations of Tozzi Frutta is extended on a surface of about 100 hectares in the lowland of Forlì, in the heart of Romagna...


Situated in the heart’s Farm the establishment is located about 5 minutes from the tollbooth of Forlì and about 30 minutes from the seaport of Ravenna....


Tozzi Frutta keeps in heart the alimentary safety of the consumer, as the environmental sustainability.
The Tozzi’s Farm and the Grower’s Partner are certified Global Gap and almost all the production’s obtained observing the Guidelines of Integrated Production of Emilia Romagna, that consists the use of chemical products of synthesis only when strictly necessary and in concomitance with biological and biodynamic process to protect the ecosystem.
Furthermore a private guidelines production allows, thanks to the seriousness and to the high technical competences of the agents, to ensure the obtaining of a product with a limited number of phytosanitary residues and levels of residues plenty under the legal limit, like it is controlled in the numerous lab analysis that annually are performed.
Traceability systems of the entry lots, allows the absolute traceability of all the production batches , to always ensure the complete knowledge of the ‘’course’’ of the product from the producer to the consumer.
The packhouse further than being certified Global Gap and Global Gap Grasp, has obtained the prestigious certification IFS food. Moreover, annually they are performed lab analysis of the process waters and it is steadily monitored the hygien of the workers equipment and the workplace.

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