Situated in the heart’s Farm the establishment is located about 5 minutes from the tollbooth of Forlì and about 30 minutes from the seaport of Ravenna. Extended on a surface of 8000 mq which 4000 covered, benefits for 70% of energy emanated by photovoltaic panels installed on the roof with a big saving of CO2 emission. The cold rooms of the newest generation have been created with panels without CFC and HFC which are the reason of the ozone hole. Endowed with a computer temperature control and catalytic inverters of ethylene, the fridge system has a storage capability of about 4000 ton of fresh products. The processing rooms which have the rapid pack, the sizer and the electronic weigher enable the product packing on 3 lines at the same time, further that a platform for the handwork of the premium lines of high quality.
The establishment’s certified Global Gap, Global Gap Grasp and IFS food.