The cultivations of Tozzi Frutta is extended on a surface of about 100 hectares in the lowland of Forlì, in the heart of Romagna. The high agricultural vocation of the territory was established in the ‘80s with the costruction of the Canale Emiliano Romagnolo which has allowed to transform a traditional area of stone fruits production in particular of peaches and nectarines, in an area of kiwi production, rising culture of that period.
The constant variety selection, the continuous cultivation updates joined with the application of innovative cultivation techniques has allowed to the Tozzi’s Farm to stay always forefront and to become a solid point of reference for the local growers who share together the cultivation philosophy and trade strategy of Tozzi Frutta.

The application of the guidelines for Global Gap and of the strict guidelines for Integrated Production of Emilia Romagna which expect the use of chemical products of synthesis only when it’s closely necessary and combined with agro-sustainable practices, biological and biodynamic, permit Tozzi Frutta to obtain a healthy fruits with an excellent flavor in the full respect of the environment and the human health.