Peaches and Nectarines


The peach tree is native of China, where it was regarded as a symbol of immortality about 5000 years ago. From East the peach came to Persia carried by caravans of travelers. slide1From here comes the botanical name ‘’Prunus Persica’’. Thanks to the conquers of Alessandro Magno in 330 b.C. was spread in all the field of the Mediterranean Sea, where in Egypt the peach was considered holy to Arpocrate, God of the silence and the childhood, even today the children’s cheeks’re compared to the peaches because of their velvety softness. The fruit, came to Rome in the I century a.C. and has found fertile grounds for the extensive cultivation over all the national soil. Nowadays, thanks to an endless varietal evolution, we can count houndreds of variety existing, which differ in color and white pulp or yellow pulp and in harvesting period. Only in the 70s was discovered the ‘’peach walnut’’ or ‘’nectarine’’ today in a big commercial interest and very appreciated and demanded by the consumers.



Nutrient value

The peach is the summer fruit for excellence, sweet and juicy consists in 88% of water. Among the large number of minerals the most prevalent’s the potassium, 2 fruits of medium size everyday are enough to satisfy reccomended daily quantity. Full of Vitamin A antioxidant which slows the old age process of the skin, and of Beta-carotene, precursor of the melanin which promote a nice and lasting tanning.


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Tozzi Frutta produces and trades the best peaches and nectarines variety selected in the last decade obtained with Integrated fight process which consist in use ofslide4 chemical products of synthesis only when strictly necessary and in concomitance with biological and biodynamic process to protect the human health and the environment.
Available from may to october both white pulp and yellow pulp in all the packages that the customer prefers: EPS, IFCO, CPR, Carton and Wood.
Packed in jumble, one layer, and in netted, lidded or naked punnets from 500 g to 1000 g.

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Tozzi Frutta also owns an e-shop section for the sell on the net of the fruit that it produces. If you are a consumer, a retailer or a wholesaler and you wish to buy directly from us or only just try a sample of our speciality you are invited to do it with a click:



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