The pear tree sank its roots already 4000 years ago in Western Asia and in South East Europe.slide1 CCultivated in Magna Greece the pears was considered, from the poet Omero and from the Greece mythology, a healthy fruit and tasty favorite from gods and heroes. From Magna Greece the pear cultivations came to Rome where it got big diffusion and regard even from Emperors Pompeo and Nerone who were thrilled consumers.
However, the cultivation in Italy did not grow during Middle Ages but it spreads in 1600 in Renaissance Age. After America discovery the pear tree was diffused in Mexico and California by the Spanish missioners, and in Europe in 1700 especially in Belgium and France. In Roman period there were mentioned about forty varieties, instead today we know over 5000 even if few units are object of the biggest commercial interest.

Nutrient value

Rich of fibers and especially of pectin pears, if eaten with the peel, facilitates the digestion and have an anti cholesterol effect, since the pectina forms a viscous layer in the intestine which becomes one with the cholesterol helping the evacuation with the feces.
Rich of calcium, pears reduce the risk of osteoporosis and prevent the process of rarefaction of the bone tissue due to the gradual demineralization.

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Tozzi Frutta produces and trades some of the historical varieties of pears like: Williams, Abate Fetel, Kaiser Alexander and Conference. They are obtained with Integrated fight process which consist in use of chemical products of synthesis only when strictly necessary and in concomitance with biological and biodynamic process to protect the human health and the environment.
Available from August to November the Williams instead of from September to March the varieties Abate, Kaiser and Conference in all the packages that the customer prefers: EPS, IFCO, CPR, Carton and Wood.
Packed in jumble, one layer, and in netted, lidded or naked punnets from 500 g to 1000 g.

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