The Kiwi tree’s native of the China and is known with the name of Mihou-tao or Yang-tao which means ‘’fruit of health’’. The first reports of this variety date back to the periodkiwi home of the Ming dinasty in 1200 B.C. thanks to a local botanist who described the suitable vegetative and the therapeutic properties of the fruits.
Only in 1850 the explorer Robert Fortune in return from a journey in East on commission of the Royal Society of Horticulture of London, let knew to Europeans the first trees.
It was the New Zealanders Wright Hayward who in 1950 after repeated crossings obtained the first commercial variety, that in 1959 was named like the national bird symbol: the Kiwi.
The Hayward variety named like this in honour of the researcher, was introduced in Italy in 1970 from where extended quickly its cultivation on all the national territory becoming Italy the first producer in the world.
Today there are different kiwi varieties cultivated that differ in color and pulp; the yellow, red and green like the traditional Hayward and one green like a newborn variety Bo Erika, fruit with excellent taste quality thanks to the high sweetness gradation.











Nutrient value

The Kiwi’s a fruit with high antioxidant properties and antitumor thanks to the high content of Vitamin C, over the 100% of the daily dose recommended in just one fruit. The potassium content, higher even the one in the banana, makes it the ideal fruit for the athletes confering elasticity to the muscles and reducing the cramp risks. Furthermore, the high content of a particular fiber, the pectin, confers to the fruit a fulfilling sense of satiety, helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood and helps the transit of the food in the intestinal tube supporting the digestion.

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Tozzi Frutta produces and trades kiwi for 8 months a year obtaining it from Integrated fight process which consist in use of chemical products of synthesis only when strictly necessary and in concomitance with biological and biodynamic process to protect the human health and the environment.
Kept in cold rooms of the newest generation which maintains intact the natural features without the addition of preservative substances, kiwi are available from October ending to June ending in all the packages that the customer prefers: EPS, IFCO, CPR, Carton and Wood.
Packed in jumble, one layer, and in netted, lidded or naked punnets from 500 g to 1000 g.

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Tozzi Frutta also owns an e-shop section for the sell on the net of the fruit that it produces. If you are a consumer, a retailer or a wholesaler and you wish to buy directly by us or only just try a sample of our speciality you’re invited to do it with a click:

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